Your Capstone project worth 400 points is due November 23rd. That is next week. It is very important that you turn this in on time.

The Capstone includes the following:

  1. Site Design: This means you have chosen a site design from the two that you created and made any changes to it that we talked about in class. This is worth 100 points.
  2. UX: You should have chosen a WordPress theme and have set it up so that you have all Menus and pages created, even if they are empty (ie not full of content). This is worth 100 pts.
  3. Content and Assets: You should have all the images you will use for the website and the text for each page ready to turn in. This can be in the form of a word document and a folder of images. This is worth 100 pts.
  4. Home Page Site Design: The front page of your website should look similar to identical to your Photoshop Design. This is worth 100 pts.

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