User Scenarios

Potential Users:

  • Travelers
  • Food Enthusiast
  • Culinary Students
  • People interested in fast meals
  • Bakers



Name: Ashton Saunders

From: Sydney, Australia


Ashton is a young man who loves to travel. He has gone on many expeditions to many different countries around the word, except South America. One specific place he was interested in exploring and getting to know is the country of Ecuador. When searching for things to do and places to visit while in Ecuador, he stumbled across This website guided him on what traditional and delicious food he could try during his visit. The recipes allowed him to see the ingredients included in each meal, which allowed him to know what foods he was interested and able to eat. He enjoyed looking through the different types of food, especially since the best way to experience a culture is through the food.

Smiling woman preparing salad

Name: Alejandra Bravo

From: Queens, New York

Age: 19

Alejandra is a young teenage girl who comes from an Ecuadorian background. Her family from Ecuador has decided to pay her a visit. She has had many home cooked Ecuadorian meals but never has tried to cook one herself. When searching for recipes she stumbled across where she found easy recipes for a delicious meal. On the website not only did she use traditional Ecuadorian meals , there were also recipes to baked goods ,such as cakes and pastries.

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