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User Types:

  1. Artists
  2. Writers
  3. Involved/ Active People
  4. Readers
  5. Photographers


Sadia Iqbal

Sadia is a 23 year old medical student who lives in Brooklyn. She loves to draw when she wants to relax. She could not think of anything to draw and and asked her fiend. Her friend recommended she check this blog. The website author for has a different styles of drawing and the artwork was interesting to look at and get inspiration from.

Zack Somerville

Zack is  a high school student living in Birmingham. Zack loves knowing what other people think about an issue and is an active student. He was talking to his friends and they told him that he should check out this blog. The blog chooses an issue for the week and discusses it from different points.

Alex Waters

Alex is a 21 year old college student. She lives in New York. She loves taking pictures and loves photography as well. She is very active on Tumblr and Instagram. She saw one of the accounts she followed had created a blog, . Alex liked the artwork and sometimes got inspiration from it, so she decided to follow the link that was  provided.


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