I used gimp so the images loaded differently.


I used the Huxley theme. So when you first go on its only showing the image. Then when you scroll down it shows the first post.


Recent Posts

  • top three boxes show the sections
  • The biggest image icon I have would be showing the most recent post and as you scroll down it would show that.
  • The next box is for comments
  • The last box is for maybe the most checked post and so on like that as you scroll down
  • On the sidebar I have a search bar.
  • Then the boxes under that are for similar posts to the one that is being looked at


Art Section

I would just have the images but I would probably split the images into sections also, for example paintings and sketches. It would just be in gallery format.


Articles Section

This section might also have subsections but I’m not sure yet. Then the first box is for the most recent posts, and as you go down the other posts.

On the side bar there is a search bar. The first box represents the most checked posts. Then the last box would just be a slideshow of the artwork section.




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