Why are you making this website or what will it do?
I’m making this website because I’m A track athlete and I feel like there isn’t much websites about track and field to give updates on the athletes to to fans. This website will allow people to read the latest news on track and field athletes around the world and the website will have videos of their performances.

Who is the audience? (describe three types of people that this is for)
This website is mainly for any track and field fans, athletes of the sport, other athletes plays other sports, and people that is interested in any type of sports activities.

Write down three descriptive words/feelings that your website should evoke in a viewer (for example VICE magazine would be confrontational, riveting, edgy)

Please list three or more websites with links that inspire your design and tell us why:


2. is a great website it inspire me to make this website because of the information they give on the a athletes around the world. is good website for track but people have register to watch the videos of races, and i don’t think fans should pay to watch the videos. doesn’t give that much information about track and field athletes.

Define the following vocabulary words as they pertain to web design:

  • Style/motiff
  • Color Schemes
  • Textures
  • Shapes
  • Layout

Create a website mood board/collage using photoshop or Illustrator that includes these elements.


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