Website Concepting Worksheet

You are making a website concept. You should think about why you are making the website and start there with your concept. This is a great reference article on website concept. Please answer the following questions and or complete the assignment. Create a post in WordPress and Tag it with the tag “concept” to turn in the assignment.

Why are you making this website or what will it do?

Who is the audience? (describe three types of people that this is for)

Write down three descriptive words/feelings that your website should evoke in a viewer (for example VICE magazine would be confrontational, riveting, edgy)

Please list three or more websites with links that inspire your design and tell us why:




Define the following vocabulary words as they pertain to web design:

  • Style/motiff
  • Color Schemes
  • Textures
  • Shapes
  • Layout

Create a website mood board/collage using photoshop or Illustrator that includes these elements.


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