Blog Concept

Why are you making this website or what will it do?

-I wanted to start this website to share my interest in cooking and baking. I will be concentrating most recipes on traditional Ecuadorian dishes that I grew up eating. I feel that these recipes will allow others to experience the culture and those who are from Ecuadorian families to learn more about their culture through food. I will also be posting and sharing recipes of my favorite recipes that are non Ecuadorian dishes and sweets. I would also like to include fun recipes/dishes and treats to do with children.

Who is the audience? (describe three types of people that this is for)

– Three types of people that will take interest in the website are Ecuadorian/Hispanic people, People who are interested in experiencing culture through food and moms or anyone with children.

Write down three descriptive words/feelings that your website should evoke in a viewer (for example VICE magazine would be confrontational, riveting, edgy)

-Cultural, Fun, and delicious

Please list three or more websites with links that inspire your design and tell us why:

1.101Cookbooks: When reviewing this blog , the pictures were very appealing to the eye. The blog was elegant looking and very nicely formatted.

2.The Pioneer Woman: When looking at this blog I liked how the blogger designed her tabs. I would like this design for my own blog because it was in a slide show style where the people can see the picture and name of each food.

3.A Spicy Perspective: I enjoyed the entire design of the website. I also like how she had the pictures of each food and when the cursor was placed over the picture, the name of the dish and a brief description appeared. I would also like to include this design and aspect to my website.

Define the following vocabulary words as they pertain to web design:

  • Style/motif- the look and feel of a web’s design
  • Color Schemes- a way to arrange the colors
  • Textures-show dimension
  • Shapes- are to use p space
  • Layout- the blueprint or plan on how to organize the website.

Create a website mood board/collage using photoshop or Illustrator that includes these elements


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