Blogs I like.


It’s has recent games that are fun. The author updates regularly. Doesn’t just talk about one type of game or program also on phone, Wii etc. Also talks about things relatdd to that. He’s selling a pikachu plush toy and things like that. Also talks about what popular in terms of gaming

Calnewsport Blog

I hate studying so he was always giving good tips. Now however he also gives advise on career success. He only argues a point when he has facts to support it, and doesn’t just rant without basis. I don’t agree with everything that he says but he does make some good points.


I really like anime and drawing. I really like this artists style. She posts frequently. She also shows herself and I like her style too. She also recommends products, I have bought various products because of her.

I don’t really care about graphics. I care more about the content and all 3 of the examples have that. I can easily find something if I want to look at it again.

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