Website Concepting Worksheet

Why are you making this website or what will it do?

I want to make this website because I want to learn how to work it. I also want to share my ideas and thoughts with others. I want to practice on how to gain an audience and keep it. I want to major in journalism and I feel like this is a really important platform to understand.

Who is the audience? (describe three types of people that this is for)

For people who are into learning new things and interested in understanding. I have a lot of opinion about whats going on in the world, and I feel like there needs  to be different point of views. Also individuals who are into art, and want to get new ideas. I explore a lot of new things and go to different art stores so I can talk about that too. I think my main target would be teens and young adults. I wouldnt mind if other age groups also took a look also.

Write down three descriptive words/feelings that your website should evoke in a viewer (for example VICE magazine would be confrontational, riveting, edgy)

Inspirational, engaging, and informative

Please list three or more websites with links that inspire your design and tell us why:

  1. I just really like wikiHow. It literally has everything you could want to do. Whenever you look up something its one of the first websites there. The directions are simple and there are usually different ways of doing it available too. I’m the oldest child and my mom usually relies on me to know stuff and when I don’t I usually use this, for example when my younger brother got super glue on his hands. People can also comment and let others know if it works.

2. I also really like Goodreads. I like the design of the website. Its really organized and functional. There are a lot of options available. I love that it recommends books otherwise it would be really hard to find books to read that I like. They have a broad range of ideas on it, yet its easy to find everything. I could spend all day just reading book reviews, trying to find books, and talking to other book lovers.

3. Halal Pakistan might not be the best looking website, but its a great source for me. My mom doesn’t really know how to explain how to cook, so when I try to do I cant. So I usually turn to look online. This website has  simple recipes and not only recipes but also has other topics as well. However I mostly use it for cooking, because I like the way the recipes are explained. They are simple and understandable with no beating around the bush, or personal stories included when I just want to cook something.

Define the following vocabulary words as they pertain to web design:

  • Style/motiff – What type of pattern you use when you are designing the website. For example the type of font, the way of writing. it is simply the manner in which you do something. 
  • Color Schemes- the color you use, for example if you are talking about nature you use green, or talking about history, then more sepia and subdued tones are usually used.
  • Textures- how the surface looks or looks like it would feel. For example if your talking about the desert, you could put a picture of sand in the background.
  • Shapes- Shapes are really important too. For example if your making a chart, or trying to explain the way something looks, sometimes a shape just goes with what your writing about, like love and the heart shape.
  • Layout- The layout is important to. For example if you have pictures, those don’t really look appealing if you have a list of them, however if you make them icons/thumnails they look nicer. Like on Instagram or interest. However if you have more writing then that wouldn’t look as appealing.


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