Examples of Websites

Why are you making this website or what will it do?

Design a website for my friend’s guitar studio since he doesn’t has one.

Who is the audience? (describe three types of people that this is for)

kids from 6 and above (Acoustic guitar)

adults who want to learn Acoustic or electric guitar

people who wants private lessons.

Write down three descriptive words/feelings that your website should evoke in a viewer (for example VICE magazine would be confrontational, riveting, edgy)

calm, sunshine,awakening

Please list three or more websites with links that inspire your design and tell us why:

KithNYC: I like how they use a huge slide show to emphasize their new products. Yet, there won’t be too many photos on the slide to distract away the shoppers. Also, it is smart having twitter & instagram widget syncing on their page to keep shoppers update on their stuffs.

HomecookingNYC:The page is simple and informative. One thing I like about the page is their calendar. On the calendar, they have a little picture of the dish that they will teach on that day.

Soulcycle: I really like the idea that they toned the main page’s photo into white/black, then having the vibrant yellow text overlaps on top of it. It really catches the eyes of the audiences and pay much more attention to their slogan.

Define the following vocabulary words as they pertain to web design:

  • Style/motif-a decorative design or pattern.
  • Color Schemes- a planned combination of colors
  • Textures-the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance.
  • Shapes-the outline of an area
  • Layout: the way in which the parts of something are arranged

Create a website mood board/collage using photoshop or Illustrator that includes these elements.


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